We are currently in network providers for Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna. Dr. Ryan Mullen is an in-network provider for United Healthcare for chiropractic services.  If you have a different insurance, we would be considered an out of network provider. Since there are so many different plans, however, please call to find out if we would be in network or not. We always recommend you call your insurance ahead of time to confirm what will be covered. Our staff will cross-verify and explain your benefits, at no charge. Please make sure you obtain a referral prior to your visit if your insurance requires it. All patients with Medicare and United Healthcare must obtain a referral for treatment prior to Physical Therapy. Please let us know if you have an open auto accident, personal injury, or workman's compensation case. We will coordinate with the relevant insurance companies, and help you recover.

Some Insurance Providers require additional forms for coverage. If your insurance provider or our office informed you of additional forms for Blue Cross Blue ShieldUnited HealthcareMedicare, or Cigna please check below to see if any of these forms apply. Most forms only require the patient to fill out minimal information and most will be filled out by our office. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield requiring pre-authorization: 

Outpatient Pre-Treatment Authorization Program Form (OPAP)

United Healthcare seeing Dr. Pollack, Dr. Dispenza or Dr. Chen: 

United Healthcare Patient Summary Form

Medicare and United Healthcare forms for area of concern:

Back and Neck Index Form

Lower Extremity Functional Scale (LEFS)

Arm, Shoulder, or Hand Form (DASH)

Medicare for Chiropractic Services: 

Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN)

Cigna with American Specialty Health (ASH):

Out of Network Medical Records and Clinical Information (ASH)

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